wow- welcome to this little corner of the universe! i don’t know how you found it but know you belong here.

so thank you, i am grateful to connect with you. i see you.

i see this website as an attempt to reach out my mycelial hyphae- i’m reaching with trust, not knowing when how or who i will connect with. i know this: connection is nutritious. this website started as a personal journal archiving my feelings and adventures- and now it is evolving into a more public hub, with occasional remedy offerings foraged by myself.

about me: i’ve been on a mythical healing journey, travelling through religion and divorce and single motherhood and suburbia and deep physical injury- an unraveling of what’s untrue to allow authenticity.

throughout these journeys i began a plant path– connecting with the oaks and elderberries of the wild suburb edges– deep depression and anxiety were treated with flower essences- my being and dreams began to widen

while my affinity for the mushroom and all of nature have been lifelong, my life changed nearly in an instant when i started dreaming about the mushroom. i acted on these dreams, contacting an old acquaintance turned mycologist. we went on a mushroom hunt together up in the near by mountains.

the earth moved beneath my feet and my soul expanded to envelop the whole universe: as soon as i said yes to my wild heart a parallel reality revealed itself, patiently waiting all along. i packed up my children and wagon and headed for life in the woods with this twin flame, this beloved teacher. i now live with this wild being in the woods, the two of us lovingly caring for my children in a way that resonates with the core of my joy.

The mushroom continues to guide me, prompting me to share some of what I’ve learned at various gatherings and events, such as Spirit Weavers, Mystic Bizarre at Desert Daze, Weaving Women’s Wisdom, and Moon Mountain—
it’s no coincidence that the mushroom brought me to village life-

mushrooms heal consciousness and our bodies. mushrooms are leading the way in building the new world, by healing our imaginations. we create our own realities with our healed imaginations, so we can grow an earth based culture. what i’ve learned from the mushroom is that they are a true source of magic, and humans have been in relationship with mushrooms for as long as humans have been humans. 🙂

Mushrooms and one way or another have been linked to our spiritual consciousness
This is the source of our
magic. Mushrooms, like so much of nature, allow us to be our own healers: By connecting us to what is real ;the source.

photo by nenah bondi

our adventure is to claim our authentic true being— to create culture that allows human beings to be human, connected to their medicine, intuitions, and landscape.
together let’s see what’s on the other side of the known into the unknown-to uncover who we are without the confines of a wasteful, isolating culture-
when we gather we heal. when we gather intentionally to create we make magic. when we gather and remember old skills to carry into the future we grow and nourish hope. there is always hope.

Inhabit Connection Gathering is an attempt to create sustainable culture– an experiment at intuitive, authentic being— 
what would we do if we could do anything? we can create worlds and culture that meet our needs: helping us remember how to grow food, to care for our young communally, and ceremony for healing. so many of us know that the way things are are not working– as humans we have our imaginations— our intuitions. we have the ability to create whatever we want. let’s build culture that is earth based helps create the container for authentic human life. let’s work on the future. we belong to the future. a village for the future, now. sustainable. inclusive. earth based:

a family-centric skill share village.

please feel free to contact me at medicineforanewworld@gmail.com – i’d love to collaborate, answer your questions, connect deeper—