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expansion of offerings— in grateful service:

Intuitive Essence Journey

Connect with and become your most authentic self on an

Intuitive Essence Journey

Allow me to guide you through a journey of self discovery and healing with in-person or remote essence reading. Essences are gentle yet powerful medicines that shift our perspective and awareness, making room for introspection and an unfolding where before there was unconscious shadow. If you’ve been aware of deep stirrings within your heart or sense the call of wider being I’d love to support you on your own journey.

Much of my own journey has been an undoing, an unlearning, a re-wiring and ultimately a discovery of my deepest primal impulses— 

Bring your questions, your dreams, your shadow– i am excited to explore, tune in, and re-write with you.

$107 for a single 75 minute intake, discovery, and essence blend.

$77 for 60 minute continued guidance session 

An intuitive essence journey is for you if:

  • You struggle with connecting to your intuition
  • If you know there’s more inner creativity and passion you’d like to connect with
  • You believe in magic
  • You are desiring support, healing, and clarity
  • You love the wild world and want to connect deeper to plant medicine
  • You know that you are your own healer

An intuitive essence journey will benefit you in the following ways:

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of your shadow and subconscious motivations
  • You will feel empowered and emboldened to make decisions out of joy and clarity
  • You will experience the wonder of being your own healer
  • You will experience a judgement free, loving energy
  • Your life will begin to unfold in a more authentic and powerful way
  • You will see your old blocks and programs and allow them to dissolve
  • You will experience the medicine of flowers and nature and yourself

This session can be done remotely or in person— From an expanded and intuitive state we both can start with a guided meditation– We’ll go over the intake form that will be provided and we will explore your intentions, your heart, your wounds, your dreams, and where you’re at in your journey— from there I’ll provide steps, guidelines, or certain rituals, to assist you in your healing. I’ll create a unique essence blend to assist you vibrationally and spiritually after this session with the information that was gathered.

You will receive a follow up email from me to check in and see how you are doing with your essence work.

contact me directly at medicineforanewworld @ gmail dot com

Guided Deep Underground Connection journey

The healing is horizontal, and beneath the surface.

It’s branching networks connecting to other networks-

This widens the organism, the community, the mind-

Nature has a powerful cure for disconnection-

For minds wired through trauma and ruminative thinking patterns.

Consciousness creates matter, so let’s heal our ability to imagine a more healed and expanded world, our selves included. 

This is a new offering and I am equal parts grateful, humbled, and excited to be a part of this work that is healing the world.

Please contact me directly for more information and booking.

This is an in-person offering.