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In the attunement I was holding a small infant daughter. She was nursing from my breast as I stood in the midst of this prolifically blooming bush.

Her cheeks were rosy pink– I was in complete ease of my motherhood: peaceful, free from anxiety, confident and sure of my ability to gently nourish my daughter.

Camellia is for the daughter who feels as though she was not “mothered” enough by her mother–

My own mother was pregnant by the time I was 1 year old, caring for another yearling while she was pregnant with me! (She birthed 11 children and raised 13.)

Without her intending to, I felt neglected much as a child. And these feelings linger in my own experiences in motherhood.

This flower empowers us to be fully present in our parenthood regardless of what conspired during childhood.

Indicated for women who struggle with their relationships with their mother- so they can move forward and heal the patterns as they enter motherhood themselves.

This is medicine for those who need to heal how they were mothered–

if you have an affinity for Camellia consider the way she supports you.


i feel a lot of gentle perfect pink blooming with this essence///


Camellia healing


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