sweet pea flower essence


sweet pea has been a life long ally for many– growing along the roadsides and climbing up our front porches, greeting us on our travels, the flower that is always home away from home–

sweet pea essence is medicine for those who are homesick for home, but don’t know exactly where home is, because their hearts are restless. this medicine is for wanderers, for those who miss home but have a trauma around home–

sweet pea leads the way to our home deep inside of our hearts, teaching us that home is anywhere as long as we’re living from our hearts. sweet pea heals our sense of belonging, healing the hurt of home.


(back story: I was raised devoutly Mormon deep in the foothills of northern California– the sweet pea was my oldest friend- as I grew up and moved away I ached for that motherland– those pine and oak forests, but I didn’t feel at peace visiting home– There was too much pain after I broke free from my religious upbringing. I felt restless and anxious, unsettled everywhere. I felt as though I was home-less. This flower climbed up my urban front porch– and I made an essence with that medicine- during the attunement meditation I saw myself as a young child, in the sunshiney meadows of my childhood home, care free and absent of hurt. Not too long after that I packed up my children and my station wagon, and made the trip back home, and out of the city, permanently. I pitched a tent on their property near the sweet peas— back to the home I had been avoiding due to my hurts, ready to start my life again.)




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