sunflower flower essence



🌻✨the joy of where you’re at🌻✨ what does healing feel like for you? for me it feels like freedom. it feels like the sunflower: bliss in being. instead of guilt i used to carry, or fear, there’s joy. joy in being. a pure sense of self, the sort of experience the flower has. the flowers teach us how to be us, by just existing exactly as they are- blooming. expanding. flowers carried me through my feelings, loosening the religious and unauthentic programs wired in childhood so i could recognize and release them. It’s good hard productive work. And it’s good to be home. Flower Essences have been my guides and protectors, supporting me on my journey, as i’ve trusted my intuition in medicine making, and they’ve taken me where my heart feels most at home and alive. truly life flows through me and i feel whole. Healing is wholeness.


the sunflower is the essence of radiance— of connection to the moment-

shed anxiety and despair that remove us from the light of the moment, the bliss in being, and connect to the joy of where you’re at-



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