P. allenii mushroom essence


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the very first mushrooms essence i ever made—`medicine for a busy world”— this might seem strange, but i made an essence of a psychedelic mushroom. 

medicine for authentic being- medicine for a busy world– i’ve heard it said that these grow where they are needed most. mushrooms appear when the land needs healing or breaking down or connecting…


i found these, almost like when lightning strikes, all around me people were holiday shopping— agitated, obligated, carts full— and i thought: what if everyone could see this medicine, and take some? they would quickly be aligned with the values of biology, of life, not the consumer. they’d be free.


a shift in perspective can shift your whole reality.

A prayer for reconnected stillness – a deep listening- as an antidote and resistance to mindless waste. May we tend our hearths this winter, may we get creative, even learn a new skill, in our gift giving- May we rewrite holiday culture for this earth.


this medicine available in a .5oz dropper bottle.

for those wanting to work with the vibration of this radical mushroom,

but not wanting the acute ego death.

deep connection cuts away all untruth.

medicine to connect you to your wild soul and truth.


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