Nicotiana attenuata essence (coyote/wild tobacco)


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NICOTIANA attenuata-
bringer of Clarity
I was drawn to this plant, this flower, like a light in the dark.— — coyote tobacco–

Coyote Tobacco grows wild along the west side of the North American continent.

A member of the Solanum Family (Nightshade) it has edible and medicinal cousins all around the world.

This is a sacred plant to the majority of Indigenous Peoples, used as a medicine for a myriad of ailments, as well as a powerful component to ceremonies and offerings.

Vibrationally I was drawn to this plant, and used one blossom to make an essence after asking the plant for permission to work with her medicine.

Making flower essences is a gentle, sustainable, and effective way to work with a plant’s medicines.

I asked the plant in a journey what her medicine was: I was taken high, flying alongside a hawk with sharp eyes, scanning the landscape way below— I had the eyes of the hawk, all of the details sharp and clear and a running mouse easily seen. I also saw Indigenous elders and medicine people using this plant on wounds and smoked around a fire in ceremony, used for millennia by the original inhabitants of this land. I told the plant being thank you for sharing and left some dried tobacco at her roots, as shown by the elders.— 


The words that came to my mind during that journey were “Spiritual Assistance:

Clear your vision when hunting truth, your sacred sight restored.”

This essence is available to assist with focus, for those feeling overwhelmed by their highly sensitive bodies and minds. When inundated by stimuli, Coyote tobacco filters out unnecessary static to allow for more clarity of thought and perception.


I’m very excited and humbled to share this essence medicine.

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