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awaken and unfold and great the day with your widest, most authentic eager blossom self.


.5 oz – essence from home grown morning glory-

ephemeral as a flower,

as blue as the sky,

I bloom anew each day—


it is your true nature to greet the day with expansion,

reflecting and encompassing all being.

this essence is wonderful for those looking to connect with their creative energy,

the genius of existence that gets dulled from anticipating routine.

morning glory essence is a great catalyst to add to your morning meditation—

to sit and unfold and work with the vibration of a being who’s very essence is to wake up and greet the day with all of their existence, knowing that day is their opportunity to bloom.

WAKE UP Medicine—

what is genius, but the power of expressing a new individuality-” elizabeth browning barret

it’s your turn to bloom.

and it’s a great joy and honor to grow and share the essence of this beloved blossom.

price includes shipping.

enjoy this throat chakra medicine, and thank you.

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