milky oat tops


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When the milky oat
Is ripe
We sing
🎢 🌞 πŸ’• 🌾


2 ounce bottle- price includes shipping-


for peace and for calm-

cooling to burning nerves and

restorative to churning adrenals.

milky oat is a beloved medicine , helping as a tonic or a great rescuer in times of acute anxiety-

milky oat nourishes a body after times of stress, and during times of withdrawal.

this is a non-drowsy way to help with sleep, to help with relaxation.


i’ve been gathering ripe milky oat tops near my home for over 5 years now–

it is a yearly ritual – and how i participate in my wellness.

this is my first time sharing it as a stand alone plant, rather than blended in with other allies.

use this tincture alone, or add it to your favorite tulsi tea.


extracted over three months in titio’s GF vodka. sustainable, small batch, wild crafted at time of milky ripeness– i stalk the abundant ripe milky oat.

joy and love to you,

from me and the wild plants.

(and my baby helper, sprig)

Β Β 


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