lion’s mane & reishi double extraction


Hericium erinaceus :

a magically ethereal forest being

is a delicious mushroom that grows long “teeth” and can be found on hardwood trees-

(home grown lion’s mane with this current batch)


for those dealing with mild anxiety, mild depression, lack of focus, or wanting improved brain function, this mushroom contains the ingredients to support the neural network— with neurogenesis! lion’s mane has shown effective in slowing the onset of dementia by protecting the brain/

the medicine aids healing of the gut, of the mind, and of the mood–

the hericenones and the erinacines (the main medicinal compounds of this mushroom) stimulate nerve growth— protecting existing nerves and encouraging new ones to grow—


a more connected mind for an array of healing benefits—

ganoderma oregonense — reishi:

an incredible immune booster,

cancer killer–

stress reducer-

reishi is a gentle heart opener and mind expander

and can help ease insomnia, fatigue, and depression, as well as naturally boost the immune system.


both lion’s mane and reishi protect the body from free radicals (pollutants in our system that age, sicken, poison, or cause the body to become canercous )

i add this liquid blend to my morning or evening tea! 🙂

truly this is medicine for resilience and wellness for the body and the spirit.

i’m grateful for the support i receive from this blend.



the fungi that keep the forest ecosystem thriving, when ingested, can do the same for our bodies and spirits—


2 oz bottle, double extracted wildcrafted lion’s mane and reishi


(a double extraction is the combination of an ethanol extraction and a water decoction— this allows for the water and ethanol soluble medicines to be properly bio-available.)



price includes domestic shipping. xoxo




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