humboldt lily (tiger/sierra/leopard lily) essence


Primally Intuitive-

the spirit of the dappled woods! teaching us how to be our most wild, self-validating selves.

humboldt lily is an elusive beauty native to the west coast—

this essence is a booty kicker if you’ve got blocks to your intuition or sensual body!

this essence connects one to their primal intuition- helping us integrate and understand our own sexual and sensuous self.

humboldt lily carries the freedom of primal living- helping us release our shame around experiencing physical pleasure–

for many of us our sexual nature was denied or wounded during religious upbringings, and then carried into adulthood-

does the mountain lion feel shame when she procreates? no. it’s not in her nature to feel shame.

release shame, embrace and integrate your sensual nature. the color for the sacral chakra is orange, governing our reproductive organs, and carries the joy to be ourselves and connects us to our senses- this bright orange flower does the same. heal the root, and the whole soul will blossom.


as this flower is rare this is a no-pick essence!


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