fungi and flower peace medicine blend


1 oz of wildcrafted fungi and floral ally support—

i truly believe you will connect to the medicine you need, and these plants/fungi were wild crafted or lovingly grown in my own medicine garden.

a collection of herbal and fungi superheroes:


contains reishi, for hormonal, heart widening, adaptogenic immune boosting support, also helping to beat insomnia-


lion’s mane to support focus from neurogenesis (neural growth!), reducing mild anxiety and depression. studies show that this mushroom can help guard against dementia and minor memory loss. (home grown lion’s mane!)

mimosa blossom (albizia) as a gentle mood lifter to beat the blues-

california poppy to ground and calm-

lemon balm to gently encourage mental focus-

tulsi for stress relief-

rose to nourish and heal the heart-

and ripe milky oat to sooth and restore those live wire nerves and act as a cooling nervine for stressed adrenals —

extracted with organic vegetable glycerin and spirits, blended with local honey and apple cider vinegar to be an any time of day or night supportive tonic.

keep this bottle in your tote, because this is a great remedy for wild days, unruly moods, and big feelings!

your new best friend in a bottle!

price includes domestic shipping xoxo


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