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a very limited release in honor of

venus in taurus this spring//

grounded and enjoying our physical senses//

this herbal coffee blend is a four season process: gather reishi in summer/harvest lion’s mane in fall/ wait for the end of winter rains for turkey tail/// extract and dehydrate in spring with the lilacs.

this herbal coffee blend is my favorite treat-

i’ve been drinking this blend or some variation of it for about 4 years now as i love mostly caffeine-free ways to enjoy a hot, creamy, roasty elixer.

it’s even more exciting to share my double extracted mushroom powders in this blend, so each mug of this herbal coffee comes with a daily serving of instant super medicine elixir.

recent research of aqueous and ethanol extractions of reishi, lion’s mane, and turkey tail support claims that these mushrooms contain potent healing benefits, from alleviating mild anxiety and insomnia/ sleep boosting/ focus support, to shrinking tumors. *

(nueroprotective/ neurometabolic/ nuerogenesis are the sort of terms that you’ll find in articles like these—- it’s very exciting…)

this is an instant coffee with hot water blend, and contains:

roasted chicory root, roasted dandelion root, double extracted powders of wildcrafted reishi and turkey tail, home cultivated lion’s mane, cinnamon, cacao powder.

i like mine with raw local milk and a little bit of stevia. 🙂 mmmmmmmm.


comes in 5 g and 10g pouches.

directions on label.

this is the 10 g listing, which is about 10 servings, and price includes the estimated $4.50 USPS shipping.




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Fun-gal all day herbal coffee

"5 grams"


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