elderberry and reishi tonic— SOLD OUT xoxo


8 oz

contains: sustainably wild crafted elderberry & reishi, cinnamon*, ginger*, apple cider vinegar*, and vegetable glycerin*. *certified organic

price includes domestic shipping xoxo


Truly I am excited about this wild blend!

This is the medicine from the mountains where I live and love-

Our local reishi species (Ganoderma oregonense) grows on decaying conifers and is the wisdom of the forest reincarnate. 🙂

Reishi, known as the mushroom of immortality, the spirit plant, etc, has been used for centuries to heal bodies and minds and widen perceptions, and now scientific research is validating it’s prolonged admiration!

It: lowers blood sugar levels, fights cancerous cells, is anti-viral/anti-bacterial, promotes lung health, and relaxes the muscular and nervous systems!

This is a great ally for emotional & mood support, as it grounds restless anxiety, and eases the nervous system, truly soothing mild anxieties and insomnia.

And this power house has been paired with mountain elderberry—-  w o w–

This berry has proven itself in the fight against illness, shortening duration and helping prevent it altogether.

I can’t think of a more dreamy and impressive duo than elderberry and reishi— keep your body and family well during seasons of illness—

and just avoid getting sick all together!


This is a very limited, seasonal offering. xoxo

price includes shipping.


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