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i’ll get personal here:

i have loved smoking throughout my life- (double fire sign) -smoking plants in general– loved going outside under the stars and

under the blue sky and working with the spirits of different wildcrafted and garden grown allies-

feeling euphoric and inspired and connected and stoking the fire of whatever wilderness adventure or house project i was experiencing.

well, recently my body told me “no” – when i was getting ready to light up. in fact, my body had been saying “no” for a while, but i didn’t listen because i rationalized the continuance of that habit.

“it’s my medicine! it clears my mind! it’s an integral part of my spiritual practice! these are my plant allies!”

i finally listened to my body, understanding that the smoking ritual had become habituated.

so i quit- even though there’s nothing tastier than a spliff of wild tobacco and garden grown cannabis.

and it’s been more than a month!

i created this blend to help others loosen the chemical/psychic grip some plants can get over us-

working this blend into the ritual can assist in the gentle tapering off of certain plant habits.

ALSO:::: this blend can be mixed into a spliff for those desiring a more mindful smoking ritual-

and enjoyed as it is, alone or shared with friends in a circle.


this blend contains wild tobacco (coyote tobacco) mullein – a rainbow of roses- corn flower- california poppy- sage- lavender- mint

the wild tobacco and mullein were wild crafted and the rest was grown in my garden. this blend is the sweet culmination of several sweet and tender seasons.


cured and blended at home, incredibly small batch.

to be shared with friends πŸ™‚ xoxo


$15 for a small pouch, includes packing and shipping. let me know how you like it!

*not evaluated or approved by the FDA, because magic. partake at your own risk.


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