amanita muscaria (fly agaric) essence


.5 oz.  amanita muscaria essence: medicine for those afraid of change-

The amanita muscaria (fly agaric) is the iconic mushroom of the fungi kingdom-

mythical, magical, mysterious; fungi invite transformation and connection as a way of being-

I’ve been working with the spirit of this wild being for a few years now, after first seeing this mushroom in dreams.


this is the big dream!

mushrooms are the masters of change- their role in maintaining  the health of planetary ecosystems is incalculable,  and as we learn their basic ecology we too learn the metaphors and truths of mycelium and symbiosis: we are all connected. we are better together. we must surrender to decomposition in order to grow.

after much meditation and continued encounters with this mushroom, I dreamed about making a mushroom essence! i was thrilled!

I made this essence the following day, and took some time to set up the space in which I would invite amanita muscaria on an inner journey with me, in which I would ask the mushroom what it’s medicine is– and what it’s message for the world is.

I learned many things, but the biggest take away was the village life I was shown: primitive, yet set in the future– a forested village inhabited by women.

The message: this is medicine for those that are afraid of change- If you feel called to work with this mushroom chances are you are a future worker, a wounded healer, one who lives on the boundary of what’s known. We are calling in a new world together, building small models of sustainable society, weaving in ancestral skills, healing our imaginations to create the world we want to live in. The mushroom is an ally in this work. And in order to be fully present for this work we must tend to our deep wounds of earth disconnect and soul stagnation-


mushroom essences are the medicine of shadow work, helping up integrate our shadow selves for full authentic being— when we embrace our shadow we shine so bright-

if you are resisting change, out of fear, you are resisting growth. Amanita Muscaria is the medicine for those afraid of change–



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