amanita muscaria extract


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this is the first time i’ve offered this medicine to the world,

and i’m excited to share this potent medicine.

(and if you’re reading this you’re probably from the amanita muscaria facebook page. 🙂 )


the muscimol contained in amanita muscaria has had a role in human spirituality for as long as humans have been eating mushrooms—

amanita muscaria is found nearly world wide and woven into much myth and ritual, appearing the the ancient texts of the Rig Veda and linked to the divination practices of Norse Seer Women.

this extract is potent, please be experienced with amanita muscaria if you plan on acquiring this medicine.


muscimol is a GABA agonist, in the same compound class as alcohol, resulting in sedative effects. muscimol in extract form can be helpful in easing anxiety, insomnia, and pain, empowering people to experience a more expanded life. muscimol has been used in trials in the treatment of Parkinson’s and epilepsy, as it has anti-convulsant and muscle relaxing properties.


This is a medicine that needs to be respected, and only small amounts are needed. start with 1 drop or less a day, and go from there.

i’m hopeful this amanita muscaria medicine will be a blessing to those who work with it.


may you be supported by this wise and potent mushroom being,

thank you for being connected.


sold in 1/2 oz bottles. $25 /price includes US shipping.

small batch, lovingly crafted and tested with friends.




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