About me:

hi and thanks for stopping by!

a little about me– my name is dolly, and i’m a dweebie magic maker living in the woods with the love of my life, my two sons, and two cats.

i was raised in the wild with 12 brothers and sisters in a very devout mormon household-

much of my awakening and journey revolves around healing old wounds with a deep connection to the earth– for more authentic being.

i’m passionate about liberation, sustainability, and visionary community.

i’m a garden educator, medicine maker, forager, and dreamer–

my hopes are to clarify my work as to bring about greater good and joy for all of life on earth.

polly compost is an experiment: an exploration of healing, consciousness expansion, transformation, and spirit medicine.

this blog is also a tiny journal/offering to the power of dreams–

say hi if you’d like!

<3 dolly

old blog, with a multitude of adventures logged there: