majesty, mountain, mystic

We went to the mountains- so full of air- peaks like fully expanded chests- the colors were true-

colors, pure turquoise and gold and neon orange of aspen- robin’s egg of thermal pool.

My love and i carried our tiny daughter to lake’s edge, through golden trails. The spirits were strong in the mountains- nearly echoing in my heart– here, healing, here–

The mystical and elusive water birch sheltered our picnic- i made offering of food.and song.

the wild rose was dotted with rosehips– leaves glowing yellow in the transition, circling the mountain lake like a loving ring of berry and blossom. the juniper berriers were sky blue — and fun fact: they are actually-technically cones.

My heart hummed high- prayers given to the water.

I’ve been dreaming of this peak, this place, for months. We finally arrived-

I sense the sacredness of life-

i learn that we go to the mountains to find the heaven in our souls, the divine.

we don’t need to leave our homes to experience the magic of existence, but it sure is easy to drink it in as a pilgrim in a holy place.

sacred mirrors of our own wild divinity.

Seeing the mirror of a volcanic landscape- explosive and jewel toned ecstasy. 

These mountains and valleys call to me*

my aim is to deepen my spiritual practice— to widen my vision and the communication with more than the eye can see, but what the spirit can know

There is a path that winds through a meadow toward the mountain-

“Like the bear that went over the mountain, to see what it could see.” because that’s what’s true for me.

. I like to communicate with the earth- 

Asia Suler writes about how the earth is always showing us the goodness within in her book mirrors in the earth. seeing the heaven of a wild landscape brings that clear awareness of the breathtaking beauty that is my being.

The mountain is a scrying mirror- a place to practice divination. 

“Scrying is the deliberate act of perceiving events that are outside the range of the physical senses by utilizing the agents of the unconscious mind–

The word “scrying” means to reveal or to perceive. To be a scryer, you are crossing over to another consciousness, a mystical plain, and leaving behind your conscious mind.” – the internet.

Geomancy- earth divination.

But more than the parts of this holy place- more than “using” the land to fulfill my desires to know but to be a part of the whole -::: just there to sit and listen and be with that medicine of place. “Medicine sits in places” (Suler)– like land scrying– i come to this land that it might show me what it knows- to feel “the medicine that sits in places.” to have the land shape my consciousness and my being. 

To come to the land for its medicine with a gift of devotion and an open heart.

what makes you feel free? crystal waters- sacred mountains.

the land we visited are the ancestral homes of the mono paiute— basket weavers and seed gatherers—- the ancestors of some of the most stunning mountains i’ve witnessed. this lake is particularly powerful for them, with many legends surrounding this wild landscape.

baby at the breast- journeying with my heart leading the way.

the feelings stay with me. i’m not able to explain a feeling- i’ll try: pureness of being– exalted mountain tops- water like crystal; vibrating. this is the place to listen. this is the place to learn. this is the place to sanctify your life. how long can i sit here? how long can i stay?

what does freedom feel like to you?

where do you go to find wisdom?

it’s true, you don’t need to leave home to experience wild wisdom and deep dreams— but you do need to leave home to experience the magic of new majestic earth spaces,

the places that show you how heaven lives within you.

planning on sharing more creative living at home- because that is so much where my life is!

thanks for being a part of my creative journey—

if you resonated with this post, you’ll probably resonate with the wild tobacco essence i made – which can be used to support spiritual vision and meditation.

–with a mountain as a mirror in my heart—

dolly xoxo

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