medicine for a new world

medicinal mushroom species of western turtle island

amanita muscaria—
i came upon this mushroom during a challenging time in my life– it has since assisted in the unfolding of the mythic fabric of my reality, coming often in dreamtime: people will hand me this mushroom– i will find it growing in all sorts of environments. the mushroom is re- emerging through the concrete of our cultural consciousness– in the past few years i’ve seen interest and affinity for the mushroom expand exponentially.

the more i explore this relationship the more my life is radically transformed– through the healing of my consciousness and the expansion of my reality– the mushroom led the way to a healing love and a life in the woods where i can raise my children and be with the mushroom nearly everyday.

i’ve made a mushroom essence to connect more deeply with this being, learning energetically that this is the medicine for those afraid of change—

amanita muscaria:

a spiritual medicine and ancient sacrament–
do your research// learn:
contains ibotenic acid which is toxic, but decaroxylates into muscimol, a gaba-a inhibitor- found to be effective in symtompatic relief in people with parkinson’s, epilepsy, anxiety, and joint pain. there are many people that use amanita muscaria to aide themselves during withdrawal from benzodiazapines — therefore liberating themeselves.
found with pine birch oak poplar spruce—
cosmopolitan and found nearly around the world- easiest mushroom to identify-
usually fruiting in mid-fall to mid-winter, with some blooms in the summer at higher elevations. colors can range from red to orange to yellow to white (although other amanita species are white and yellow as well- learn how to identify toxic mushrooms)
associated with many shamanic rituals of healing and divination with people’s throughout the northern hemipshere- folk uses include making a wash to apply to achey joints and muscles.

)The rig veda contains passages about SOMA—divine mushroom of immortality//

  (book by gordon wasson// the real OG mushroom hunter) soma was a god that was juiced and mixed with honey and milk//soma was a magic potion that gave immortality// Indra drank large amounts of soma while fighting the serpent demon Vritra.

The  seerress of norse dwellers (sayders) used amanita muscaria as well as henbane in their seething (or seeeing) //these are many of our spiritual and animistic rootsdo your research before working with this mushroom! experienced users make a tea or extraction. start by getting the caps cracker dry— this is the curing process.

reishi— ganoderma species: ling zhi, plant of immortality

this is the mushroom who gave the words to me : medicine for a new world— mushrooms allow ourselves to be our own healers, healing our bodies and our consciousnesses and therefore assisting us in building a more just and sustainable earth connected future.

this is the mushroom i found while during pregnancy loss, and within the same grove the day i found out i was pregnant nearly a year later.

(Ganoderma oregonense, west coast forests G. lucidum east coast species)
found in asia, north america, europe, even down to argentina– chances are if you’re looking you can find reishi-
found in summer and fall on conifers and hard wood-
reishi is the original fountain of youth-
revered and used for centuries in Asian cultures, reishi is a gentle heart opener-
/this mushroom contains multitudes/// the multitudes of the forest- Approximately 400 different physiologically International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 210 Socała et al. active compounds have been isolated from G. lucidum. Polysaccharides and triterpens are 2 major groups of bioactive constituents with a broad spectrum of actions, such as immunomodulatory, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antihypertensive, hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycemic, hepatoprotective, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidative, radical-scavenging, and chemo- and radiopreventive effects.3 Other components found in G. lucidum include peptidoglycans, peptides and proteins, amino acids, nucleotides, sterols, steroids, fatty acids, trace elements, and vitamins.1,2 The diversity of biologically active ingredients of G. lucidum contributes to its possible influence on the central nervous system. G. lucidum was used in traditional eastern medicine as a tranquilizing agent for the treatment of insomnia and restlessness.
it kills cancer cells
it balances hormones, sleep, the immune system-it stops the stress response in the body and fights free radicals
asia suler calls it a subtle psychedelic, as it can gently open a person up to perceiving more.

 rats treated with extracts of reishi saw a delay of tumor growth by 25 days / and a reduction of the size of the tumors by %80 with an aqueous extract. ///so yes, a powerful ally in keeping weird shit from growing in your body! 
turpenes and pollysaccarides soulable in water— make a decoction or tea

Psilocybe cyanescens
wavy caps growing on wood chips in small clusters, or other woody debris (uncommon south of SF bay// ) found throughout the PNW fruiting from late fall to winter– bruising blue with a dark purple spore print ( look up deadly look alikes, like the gallerina)
mind and spirit medicine-psilocin binds to the serotonin receptor//–explore the inner mind, shut off the rumination and the default mode network where the ego and stories of self live-experience consciousness outside the limitations of old stories of self
experience unity consciousness and a healing mystical experience
to increase well-being and a deeper connection to the wonder of life–micro-dosing dried fungi is an exciting trend to boost wellness, creativity,and joy.
current studies at john hopkins university are working with patients with treatment resistant ptsd, depression, anxiety, and those experiencing existential despair with cancer.the mushroom medicine is abundant and transformative, and a human birthright to experiment with consciousness–
to learn more explore terence mckenna’s the food of the gods//, michael pollan’s how to change your mind// 
take fresh, dried, in a tea!
much of the info sourced from Robert Roger’s The Fungal Pharmacy// Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast by Noah Siegel and Christian Schwarz6

lion’s mane: Hericium erinaceus
hericium means hedgehop in latin- (delicious sauteed in butter, like crab meat) sister species: bear’s head and coral hedgehog
fruits from late summer to winter, mostly late fall– earth’s wisdom of cycles and decomposition contained in one fruiting body—
often growing on fallen  and living oaks, throughout the northen hemisphere of earth-
easy to cultivate.
this mushroom contains erinacine- a kappa opiod receptor binding inhibitor; “an anti-convulsant that can be neuroprotective in epilepsy and stroke. ” robert rogers, the fungal pharmacy- this mushroom is also active against sarcoma and boosts the immune system. It could be a potent inducer of brain tissue regeneration as it boosts nerve growth factor-so the compounds in this mushroom are an antidote and safeguard against the physical and chemical affects of stress on the mind
the mushroom could be supportive in anxious and depressive states; impressive research through out the world has indicated that lion’s mane positively supports mood, focus, and and over-all brain function and healing.
erinacines extracted in ethanol.

i give appreciation for all of the wild earth medicines that have shared their healing properties in my life, for they have blessed and strengthened my heart and body,\

i’ve been able to connect to the medicine i need— and make medicine, and then share it.

and allowed the healing of my consciousness so i can be in alignment with my most wide and authentic self.

thank you for being here with me

with earth devotion,


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