joy ride//// freedom from the known

it’s your responsibility to claim your life/// june was pink// blog title “freedom from the known” borrowed from krishamurti’s book of the same title.

home is a sweet place we tend// our altars and gardens

whose life are you living ?

i’m so excited about these changes in my life///

i’m home with the woodpeckers trilling and the hollyhocks beneath a summer morning sky.

a marine layer of clouds has kissed the foothills . i sing songs to the morning and life at home is sweet.

i’ve been flirting with the unknown and growing into new dreams// hearing myself.

these days are long and golden/ solstice just passed//

scripture: Inhabit: Instructions for Autonomy … “children again learn how to be loyal to the earth.”

we have some time. we find ourselves in holy places and we wonder how we got so lucky///

i got to see the redwoods with nenah—

how? why? the trees, so much weight, so much time lived, the river is azure blue and teddy is catching fish; the beach is wide and rocky- clouds obscure and release sunlight on warm river rocks beneath my body. i’m hanging out with my kids and Nenah, ( we’re playing with her captivating wide format analog camera. we made it to oregon- (and then california for these redwoods// i slept at cedar bloom last night-) i just had to get away- i needed to go. isn’t that funny, how you just need to GO? i wonder what i am learning/ i don’t know who this new me is. i don’t know, but i’m someone new. i sit here unloading my thoughts/ my children are fantastic little travelers. i must stop and see those lilies on the way back, i am getting free from the known. – from the journal.

/// sweet happy wild cubs//photo by nenah bondi

it feels good to be at cedar bloom for the spirit weavers campout// there has been no physical spirit weavers gathering for two years, but Cedar Bloom opened it’s branches for a relaxed campout// the land is lush along a wide river with deep swimming holes/ the tea house and the sauna and the community kitchen make my soul sing// a mini functioning Utopian oasis. i adore everything and everyone here.

the mystery itself is the doorway to understanding/// tao te ching

we travel south to the volcanic foothills of mount shasta/// foothills covered in yellow lupin, filling my soul with peace/ teddy catches fish and makes a fire— a ceremony of graduation for him. we picked mulberries and rationed our water. i sleep under the sky/ content beyond words. giant sea pelicans drift over the smooth water of this reservoir, confusing our senses.

we chase wildflowers to a waterfall//

we follow the columbine, the lily,

contemporary expressions of human cave art inspires us/// we are alive now

authentic being is the liberation of self- it’s remembering our interconnectedness- our existence as a whole— “ectasty is the contemplation of the whole”- terence mckenna– mushrooms allow us to be our own healers// when we are connected to the whole we live from our true essence— we are liberated from small ideas and indoctrination. the earth heals us. plant medicines facilitate this shift.

mushroom church notes///

holy cow i’m home now. i swim in my dreams// i feast on life, on existence, shadow stirred, expression, expansion. i’m finding balance.

trust the expansion, feel the widening even if you don’t know the details// unfold into the unknown,

Recovery of self ////discovery of self
Return and report:

Hi everybody I’ve been in some really good spaces- you know when your phone dies or you’re in a place with no reception for days and you just connect with yourself ? and you reconnect with truth and the tether to the hive mind has been disconnected -and you’re just experiencing your existence—

Experiencing new versions of reality

Home is good

Healing is an awakening to our truest selves:

I appreciate spiritual connection -breakthroughs -psychedelic moments

thanks for being here and sharing with me.

with the flowers and soaring high;;;;


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