glory in the morning

an ode to my flowery bff:


yes, the morning glory is blooming.

the green heart shaped leaves, like a radiant heart chakra, twine up the wooden deck railings,

supporting the great dance of blue blossom presence, unfolding to the sky —– singing a clear blue song to life—

i sit in morning meditation, singing songs to the flower:

i invited your presence- thank you for being, you catch all of life with your blossoms, you contain the sky- you unfold each day,

eager and true— unrestrained, fully expanded.

you are the presence— my teacher and friend.

it’s happening—- the greenhouse built, the mycelium colonizing the innoculant, the fruiting bodies of Lion’s Mane–

it starts as a dream, an idea, and right now my life is brimming with the culmination of all of these soul seeds. i have jars and jars of dried lion’s mane, much of it being processed into medicine—

chris and i had dreams, moving out here—- to grow medicine!

we’re growing together, flexible and adaptive— his love is a constant balm- like sunshine.

despite it all, inspite of it all, (every change every beginning and ending and shift- )

it feels like life just keeps getting deeper and wider and richer-

the magic is something we grow, it’s how we tend to our daily existence. its the way we water our dreams. water the flowers. check on the mushrooms. turn the compost. it’s growing.

and the good green earth is tended.

we continue to dream and the path is always winding. we expand as we go, radiant and supported.

a powerful companion

it feels right—– to be growing medicines, living slowly out in this forest- it is my wish that these medicines assist you with your healing, expansion, and well being,

morning glory magic to us all, (and this essence is now available in the apothecary!)

that we may unfold and become our truest visions-

sending love,

always in the making of more magic,


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