the good and the glorious/// becoming

on the eve before summer solstice a chocolately brown bear galloped across the driveway, fluid in it’s wild motion.

i was mesmerized.

i was returning home from sacred land, visiting the waterfall and granite people- it was true alignment with magic that brought me there.

every year of my life i return to this place, this place where deep wild magic lives. a holy place to those who first inhabited these sacred lands- YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK IS AHWAHNEECHEE LAND. even for me, a visitor, i know this is a sacred place. as someone who is called to ancestral life ways it is logical to look to the ones who know this land and live with the land- i feel the wild in my heart, even far away from the land of my ancestors. i pray that these wild public spaces be placed back into the care of the original inhabitants. always i am grateful to know this place. to connect to these falling waters and granite beings.

may we all become more awake
may we all contribute our beauty and
imaginations to the human dream.
liberate yourself deeper.
the stories aren’t set
they’re still being written-
not to focus on what is,
but to know what’s possible.

lately life feels like blackbear-ing through a blueberry field on a 68 degree morning in june/

life feels like unlimited icy mountain swimming holes on the hottest days

life feels like seeing the poppies and calendula bloom from seeds you saved from your last home and garden.

life feels like chasing your lover up a steep mountain and then dipping together in a hidden pooland then eating wild mushrooms with dinner– invigorating/exciting. 🙂

the mushrooms are emerging in the forest and we behold the big tree beings. it is your birthright to explore your multifaceted existence.

my grandpa passed on the 17th. i’ve been honoring him and keeping him in my heart as he journeys on.

my grandfather, at yosemite, in the 1960’s, who brought my father to yosemite, and who took me.

as i ponder and honor my own heritage, the people who slept in trees and sing to waterfalls, who crossed the atlantic ocean listening to the words of mormon joseph smith—i also think of the privilege i have as a white woman of Scandinavian descent living peacefully on unceded Miwok territory, currently benefiting from oppression. i know there is much work to be done, and i honor and am so inspired by the movements of freedom and justice that are taking place by BIPOC communities. Jamaal Bowman, running for the US House of Representatives in New York, speaks hope and truth and fills me with excitement for what is to become:

Our children and families work as hard as anyone else. Poverty is by political design, and it’s rooted in a system that has been fractured and corrupt and rotten from its core, from the inception of America, especially over the last several decades...

[this is] a movement designed to push back against a system that is literally killing us.
It’s killing black and brown bodies disproportionately, but it’s killing all of us, It’s killing us mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. It’s forcing us to live in a country and in a world where so many people are hopeless and have lost faith, not just in the political system but in each other. But our movement is designed to restore that faith, to restore that hope, to bring back the belief in what is possible—to root our values in everything we do, values of equality, humanity, and justice.

Rob Brezney writes to those that would rather spiritually bypass : To celebrate the good — indeed, to create and cultivate the good — we must deal regularly with the darkness.

I support the imagining and building of a just world, and the dismantling of colonialism and white supremacy–

i’ve been wondering how to best directly support the work, and i was inspired by the earth around me to share uplifting of earth medicines for the overall resiliency, mood, and well being of those actively resisting the violent status quo.

in solidarity with growth, with waking up, with love, with the earth,



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