desert quest/ desert awakening

visionary community: a healing experience with sonia

like a desert flower- there is an essence to the desert-

desert sunflower

the desert says: trust yourself. expand with self love.

big things are happening over here-

my soul called me to the desert so i could learn.

say yes to spirit

carried by a rainbow dream to a place called wonder valley to gather under a growing moon.

my soul friend sonia was dreaming up a desert ritual retreat in joshua tree: Desert Awakening, was her vision.

i first met her in the desert two years ago— an instant spark of connection, at our friend madre jaguar’s Mystic Bazaar

sonia on the far right, me second to the left in the back— and a soul family of mystics that bliss my heart out


do you know what feels funny sometimes? packing up a suitcase full of mushrooms and travelling far into the desert to spend a transformational weekend with women you don’t know. TRUST.

connecting to the unseen—-

finding keys to locked doors.

the mushroom popped up in the desert, expanding mycelial healing networks. the mushroom connects and grounds- it reaches out. it teaches. it transforms.

the desert magnifies our intentions. it clears our visions.

sonia’s medicine is love and connection- her embodiment practices facilitate deep healing and clearing. i was so touched by her gifts of holding space so gracefully for such a diverse group of women. she invited us to heal. it was divine connection and i love her. grateful to be dreaming future lemurian collaborations.

feeling very connected. <3 also sore abs from holotropic breathing— like a personal trainer for your darn soul.

it was a very kind and loving weekend- thank you. the desert truly is a healing place.

wow! a quick note on the space that held this gathering! doug evans had a hunch there were hot springs near joshua tree— in his true devotion to sustainable culture on the planet he invested in the desert and is creating a truly healing and regenerative space, employing the principles of permaculture. he rescues native plants like yucca and joshua trees from construction sites and recycles the natural mineral water from his tubs back to the land to restore the water table. a truly visionary undertaking that honors the earth.
truly magical here— the product of dreams and earth devotion

it’s radical to connect with each other in such a primal, intentional way. i am grateful to witness these pockets of emerging consciousness- women saying yes to authentic empowerment – yes to their wise and inner knowing- it’s like witnessing and experiencing the future- solutions are everywhere.

it passed like a dream. pure contentment- truth in the quest.

i’m thankful to be on this medicine path- to be so abundant in community

dreaming and trusting deeply.

in gratitude, feeling transformed.

may you connect with your future selves and your soul work-


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