co-creation/ contemporary bohemians

things are happening in my life— the world is opening up and i’m saying yes.

there is joy and magic in soul work

The dead of winter is a perfect time to believe in magic.

i drive over the sierra nevadas to return to a haven in reno- crafted by my friend and mentor sheila, who has invited me to teach.

sheila and indie light the candles in matching red velvet finery 🙂
oh holy night- solstice eve

Solstice prayer

on this the eve of the solstice, the longest night, the return of the light we

invoke the spirits of this land– the wisdom of those who have lived here longest- so we can be in relation— we come with honor and respect– we offer this sacred smoke and and our feelings -we invoke the consciousness of this earth– to be here with us in kindness and strength— we invite the plant spirits– their knowing and resilience 

we also invoke our highest most enlightened selves to be conscious here–

to be a guiding force as we make our way into the new decade– to lead us in our soul growth, and allow for our truest purposes to be fulfilled.

we invite the spirit of fungi to be present— that if it may be of our highest good, to decompose what is done for us and connect us to new growth— tonight, as we near the turning of the light we honor the growth and turning within ourselves, we invoke all of the benevolent wisdom as we intend to integrate higher aspects of ourselves for wholeness and healing, with this connection and wisdom-

we invoke our guides, our well ancestors who have survived it all– we call them in if they so wish, with gratitude and honor, to hold this space of prayer and transformation—

just arriving, but coming home. these people are warmth-

the networks are growing and spreading. big things are happening.

I step in to my power when I do the things I am afraid to do-as scary as it is to teach it’s always so worth it and always so magical because I connect with some other the raddest people. so thank you. Because it feels really good to relate to these spaces and to you. I feel very hopeful. I’ve experienced magic. i keep on finding home. 🙂

sheila, bella, and indie’s little house in reno.

complete with joyful kitten, luna.
Those bohemian princess dreams I had at 22 have come true at 31
Sheila is a warm and beautiful creator- like a karmic mother i adore.
Her container for community is nurturing, inclusive, and radical.
The community that gathers is kindred in an instant- deep resonance.

I keep on finding home.
a woman offered me a gift— a wide red and white vintage ribbon with magical scrolled design. “It’s for you- it’s from Sweden-” I put it on. It feels like a prayer- a hug- a visitation. confirmation that i am on my path. The ancestors tangibly in my life.
magic is real.

Thank you. I am honored.

It’s true magic to connect to those that share a dream for the earth –
I’m witnessing the new world.

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