re-imagining culture; mystic bazaar

This is the nature of going forward into being: A series of self-transforming ascents of level.

terence mckenna
last year i went to my first psychedelic music festival. at 30. growing up mormon and then becoming a mother at a young age kept these sort of experiences out of reach— until now. a few years ago if you’d had told me i’d be lecturing about fungi/consciousness/intuition with a travelling enclave of contemporary mystics and visionaries i would’ve been thrilled and awed—
—– wandering to the edge of our known—
i didn’t think it was possible but i fell even more madly in love with this magic being. i love his laugh, his smile, his love for me. he is the home i ached for for 29 years, wondering why nothing ever felt right. he is the sunshine after a long cold night. he’s a wonder. he is a joyful, fire-y hearted human being— i marvel at how lucky i am that i am with him.
amanita muscaria everywhere— waiting for the flaming lips.
the mystic clan is growing! we welcomed this year’s new baby and momma as a proud and loving family.
make a wish: my life is a series of miracles.

“The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams.”

terence mckenna
my sagittarius moon informs my emotional nature.
and most full moons i find myself travelling- teaching- exploring- seeking-expanding. bringing christopher along to share the experiences felt as HE always makes me feel: endless love and tenderness and safety in the thrill of adventure. i can still see the faces of the people i had the honor to connect with in the mystic bazaar—
the magic pepper tree.

we are no longer talking about our ideas, we are becoming them. a lot of the work is re-imaging culture-

the majority of transformation is decomposition. and connection. trust the process– allow change- this is where magic exists. we’re better together.

what would we do if we could do anything? we can create worlds and culture that meet our needs. so many of us know that the way things are are not working– as humans we have our imaginations— our intuitions. we have the ability to create whatever we want. let’s build culture that is earth based, creating the container for authentic human life. a village. this is my attempt at education for a growth of community. “the artist has the mysterious connection to the future.” let’s work on the future. we belong to the future. a village for the future, now. sustainable. inclusive. earth based.
solution based village life– the cure for forgetting. the cure for capitalism. the cure for isolation.

thankful for a second year here. xo

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