l i f e c e r e m o n y

Entering a new depth of being-
Flying with the wind
Flying up the mountain
My soul soaring
I’ll never forget this dream –
Trusting and flowing with life//

the most familiar: i’ve seen and been here before although this is new- we create meaning in our lives— the magical realms. the lucid dreams- knowing that all is exactly as it should be- trusting- a timeless space- a ceremony and ritual bound by love—

( we didn’t book a venue- we told our friends to pack some water – we didn’t hire a photographer- we thrifted our clothes- my sister got ordained and we gathered in ceremony and ritual- we grew our flowers-)

we created ceremony and ritual to honor our wild togetherness-

we did it our way, created our own meanings and magic– a journey up the mountain to honor her- to have her as our witness.

my gorgeous sisters and i and our mother! xoxo

Carried by the wind herself- 

Ectastic gurgling

I never knew life could be so magical

I cannot describe my joy-

This husband of mine-

Bringing me to wide sweeping vistas

Clearing my horizons

Deepening my being

I’ve always loved you, christopher-

As soon as I said yes to my wild heart there you were- and our life together, always waiting for us, unfolded perfectly. 

the day i got married i lay in the bathtub, lights out, candle lit, drumming track on–and i journeyed to find my guardian spirit, a strong north american mammal–
when i arrived to the lower realm, i heard cheers-i entered a celebration-all of the spirits we’re celebrating with me and i knew everything was as it should be

Our way-
Free free free

( I remember a few summers back I had escaped the strain of my line cook job for a night to journey to my cousin who had traveled across the continent to share in a creative collaboration at the rebirth of a Mendocino commune— a place from my dreams—) I slept there, in a place built by my soul people: pioneers—— people who build and create what they wish existed, rather than participating in a system that is in conflict with their hearts—- these people were riding the expansive wave of the psychedelic opening of the 60’s: returning to the land and rejecting capitalism, environmental destruction, the patriarchy- while I slept I dreamed: I dreamed I was walking though the most magical ancient city- a marketplace – new smells and bright colors and the excitement of a living place- I was walking with a new lover – a jovial dark haired man acted as my guide who held my hand as we explored-  placing exotic fruits and delicacies in my mouth-  I felt so loved and wanted- Like taking a magic carpet ride. I woke up shook. (that adventure captured here)

The first time we hung out , really, was a mushroom hunt. I was so physically affected- I was dizzy, breathless, heart pounding- I wondered if I was dreaming or coming down with something: it felt like a lucid dream- what was happening to me!? My life was changing, spinning, transforming– I’d never wanted anyone or anything more in my life-
We kissed in a meadow, my heart leaping, my face covered in tears.
Chris feeds me twice boiled and then sautéed amanita muscaria- 
It’s delicious- 

Here he is—- I can simply say that my dreams brought me to this magical realm.

Chris- I’ve followed you through over and through meadows and up mountains and through valleys- and always it feels like a waking dream- how is it that you love me? How is it that we experience the miraculous? Your love has healed me.


The mushroom brought me here. 

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