the unseen becomes seen; the miracle-

i wished for you. without even knowing that i was wishing for you.

you were the impossible. the dream. the myth. the fairy tale.

for 29 years i roamed- lost, unseen, rejected- wandering and wandering, hurt, aching. knowing i was never really home-

when we first hung out, something shifted- my soul vibrated- my knees shook- i pinched myself- i put my hand over my fluttering chest-

have you ever experienced rapid and lasting transformation?

have you accessed your own dream time? inhabiting a magic realm,

led to the portal by holy guides?

together we flew away from the busy world, to be more free-

married by the mountain—- denali—- alaska
chasing the cerulean of glaciers
married by the waterfall, of melting snow- led by the mushroom, kiss me nature boy
you are so good so so good- i love your curls and your raggamuffin shirt- i love the colors you choose- i love this life we are dreaming together
two years ago– home, settled so quickly and deeply in peace in the woods- we’ve only just begun
all of my joy
flecks of orange in his eyes and a streak of silver- he is as pure as the earth, painted like a sunset, sculpted like a canyon- kind and generous Aphrodite blowing life into perfection
widening my being- setting me free

i heard your song before my heart learned how to hush it

how are you real? dreaming while awake. he’s the dream— the forest god living as a mycologist with this shabby lover girl. we wanted to live in the woods and grow and garden, so we did. His cheerfulness is sexy and his sunshine soul keeps my heart on fire. Amazed. I’m enough. I’m enough.

my love for him was instant and complete-already deep inside of me, a part of me- the mushroom led me to this life with you.
i fell in love with a magical wild mycologist.
i can’t believe i get to share my life with you

I love stories of hidden worlds
Return to the land with a barefoot barebreasted earth God.
someday your deepest dreams will be real and you’ll watch your lover water the garden bathed in silver moonlight. he sets me free. rainbow prince, the healing medicine of being so loved. I wish i could describe in all the ways he has made my life better, but i can say it’s better in every way possible. He is light and warmth and compassion and prosperity and. He is the sunrise after a long cold night.
i’ve blossomed for the first time- i followed the mushroom signs and found my home, found myself.

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