whimsical wanderlust

i write in my journal from the coast:

down the rabbit hole— through the looking glass–

i feel turned inside out–

this whimsical wanderlust-

i think: no one else can build your life for you- you must live from the inside out-

i’m at the coast while i write this-

i am so thankful for my wild family— dreams come true dreams come true— every whim and wish , here, with the sea glass and the tide pools and the redwoods–

i feel so mesmerized by the sea-

my consciousness shifts when i wander outside, absorbed by all of my senses:

wonder medicine. awe medicine.

i can almost hear someone calling my name:

i look over my shoulder, i surrender to the power:

i loose myself.

i simultaneously feel so hungry to a part of something bigger than myself-

to be a part of lasting change and deep transformation-

start small- start where you’re at. xoxo

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