Humboldt Lily; Primally Intuitive

ball of fire for a heart– spirit of the dappled woods—

what are the flowers that light a fire in your soul?  i have heard it said that flower essences are subtle energetic medicine– maybe so–but the flowers have radically empowered me to change my reality.
it’s the powerful medicine of reconnecting into the wild world inside of us; it is direct revelation from nature.
this is the humboldt lily, growing ever more rare and elusive due to habitat loss, native to wooded slopes here at the foot of the sierra nevada. this flower lives where i was raised; a life long joy to see her return. i pay her a visit every summer– sitting with her radical being: fiercely wild and delicate-
this flower embodies sensuous pleasure in being- we could call this primal intuition, free from guilt or shame
open to the ecstasy found in life,
open to pleasure– creative desires flow freely, unhindered by shame.
does a mountain lion feel shame when she hunts or procreates?
no. she lives free, led by instinct.
pleasure, as a result of releasing unnecessary shame— this shame or guilt can live as repression in our bodies— my sexuality was limited to reproduction. i was denied sexual exploration. i was shamed for sexual feelings. i was told i would have one partner, after marriage. this was what i was taught about sex: sex was a sin second to murder outside of straight marriage.
that’s a lot of shame to carry. that’s a lot to unlearn. that’s incredibly repressive and dangerous. we truly connect with the medicine we need— i am thankful to feel primally intuitive, heal blocks, and connect with the physical pleasure of being.

truth comes from our hearts- heal them.

*heal the root and the whole soul will blossom.* true healing is liberating and radically transformational. (coincidentally, the sacral chakra is depicted by a six petaled orange flower, and the poetic center of creativity, warmth, and pleasure.)

This flower is a powerful ally— the Spirit of the dappled wood

this flower essence helped me integrate and understand my own sexuality and sensuous self- sorting through shame around my body and pleasure-

the flowers i connect with and make essences of point me to energetic wounds i’d otherwise never be conscious of, and they would remain shadow–

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