create/manzanita season

use your imagination

“the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams–“

e. roosevelt.

i give gratitude for these days, spring coming on like a rushing tide—

days that feel like success and sweetness.

somewhere in the woods a garden teacher walks to the school. loaded with acorn cookies and bulbs and seeds. scattering possibility.

seeds in my pockets, watching children play free.

yes, this is the work for me.

i give gratitude for the journey that has brought me here-

the leaps of faith.

i remember when i first saw this garden last summer, and i KNEW that this garden was waiting for me-

to come to this home everyday

small moments that matter– teaching a child to leave a gift to the blossoming manzanita, all of us eating blossoms in the sun-

just like when i was small–

making room for future seeds in the dirt,

dirt on our hands-

being human.

this is my work.

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