playing the game of life

like the ancestors before me,

i make a living tender the earth:


pruning procrastinator— better late than never? care for peaches. <3

i believe gardening should be taught in public school. a real education.

signs of spring: where were you when the first preying mantis egg case was found?

the children squat and find the best rocks to pound acorns. (tool use, discovery, wild food, problem solving, self-directed activity, production in acorn crushing destruction. much enjoyed. 🙂 )

i’m here, watching spring come with these kids– we plant seeds and seeds and seeds. (experimentation, reading seed packets, food literacy, self-sufficiency, prolonged care for plants, new confidence.)

muddy high tops and a bin of trowels. this feels like an essence. and my heart laughs.
sunflowers. cosmos, lupin, sweet peas— medicine is co-creation and i conjure my best friends—- it always feels like a big day. this is planting magic.

yesterday my love and i hunted amanita velosa, a spring delicacy– a true morsel holding the sweetness of spring. like the wish that was made we found them. i wanted to spend more time with the mushroom. and now i realize it was the key to my dreams: raising my children in the wild, sharing a life with a real life earth god, planting magic.

i give thanks for this season in my life; a threshold– sunshine peeks through, sandhill cranes trill overhead making a crooked line that sweeps across the sky over the garden, washing over our newly planted seeds like a blessing. the blueberry buds shimmer on the hill like a dusting of snow. this is the place where meaning is made— this is the place that i do my work and feel nourished by blessings. hundreds of flower seeds tucked in like my dreams. these are the days. this is the way.

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