these are the days of miracles and wonder

i think our purpose in life is to dream, connect, and create. fear and resistance keep me from reaching out, stepping out— but this is bigger than me: this is about getting back to the garden for sustainable society. for building and growing and connecting to the web of life.

this is the way spring comes: one season recedes while the other blossoms; seamless–
polly compost at home. <3

IT ME. serious mood: dawn saves the planet babysitter’s club. “Dawn is trying to do a good thing, but she’s driving everybody crazy!” 😛

i get so excited after a day at school. i feel like a wide armed agitator–stirring things up. i sing out “REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE !” at lunch time, calling out for compost. kids bring me their baby carrots and munched on pears from who knows where. the lunch lady hurries to me to ask if she can grow salad greens in the school garden–a resounding YES and a smile, full of possibilities. a bucket full of food waste headed to the compost bin. middle schoolers eye me warily—- the garden teacher trying to save the world… eye rolls? i don’t know. but i’m so thankful i’ve found my place to do work that sets my soul on fire.

Dream Medicine

In a dream I watch everyone I know and Love gather in a field of LUPIN

lupin (the violet) and corn lily (front center) in the high sierra, high summer 2018

this is the dream: there was a field of Lupin blossoms— and everyone I knew was headed into it, laughing, walking toward the meadow with blankets and picnic baskets, drawn in. i watched them and i made my way as well. i wake up from these dreams feeling like i had seen truth; in flowers, in community. but no real explanation.

rhetorically speaking: how does one act on what they’ve seen in dreams? how does your subconscious flow into your waking reality and imbibe it with multitudinous possibilities? these messages feel real. they feel like keys.

lately i’m drawn to lucy. she’s a local organic farmer working a little down the road from where i live. she shows me her work.

“i have something for you…” she speaks— always i’m asking for nettles. her own tincture. and an apple orchard she cares for.

“one more thing…” LUPIN SEEDS. the key to my dreams in her hands.

We Have Been Given All Of The Tools

in a dream

farmers are the keepers– the healers- those married to the earth in ways that may become tedious to those lacking commitment–
support your local visionaries.—*

I don’t always know what I am doing when I bring my dreams into my waking life, but I do know that’s when the most magic unfolds. A gathering? a medicine garden? i do dream of organizing another hub for connection, healing, and remembering.

—–pay attention to your dreams and stay tuned? if you’re reading this you’re either: my mom, or someone who feels called to this work. :p

sweeter than any dream is this cheerful being. <3

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