spring of miracles

these dogwood mornings fill my heart to bursting.
these bleeding heart pink country side mornings feel like a miracle
vision quest—- food. teachers. a day in the woods with my baby laughing and singing….
cricket song comes through the window with the scent of lilac. the morning birdsong is enough to keep us all singing. #icleanedmyroom #winning
and lilac is a welcome visitor in our kitchen
chris dug out our garden— we air out the big down comforter on the line— this wild back yard is so green and i love sharing it with him. the 100 year old cherry bloomed big and perfume—wishing for a heap of cherries
springtime in the countryside is the mothertongue, the song i was born singing
teddy is growing so much. chris is such a supportive parent figure and makes all of our lives so much sweeter. i am so thankful teddy and lincoln can grow up with chris’s gentle and nurturing nature. he is a rainbow, and impossible not to love.
these days at home with sweet lincoln— digging, cooking, fort building. more time for stories.
dogwood. garden cat.


the plants that have emerged this spring have presented themselves to be healers. pure love.
the happiest kitchen sink.
teddy has really been into fishing. and lincoln has become quite the biker. it feels so good to be near this lake where we play and play.
turkey tails waiting patiently to be processed into medicine.Β 
yosemite and wildflowers. <3 #everydaymagic
teddy at home. <3Β 
lincoln at home. #blur #tasmaniandevil


morning medicine. this beauty joyfully bloomed for four months; prolific pink geometric blossoms for my mother heart. a great welcome home.


create the home that fills you with joy. that supports you. create the home that inspires you. dream home.
i love him. so much. a mushroom hunt in matching overalls kind of love. #soulmarried it wasn’t love at first sight. it was total and instantaneous soul recognition, spontaneous combustion. i can’t believe i get to wake up next to him everyday. i’ve loved him for as long as i’ve existed. he is home
he pickled the maple blossoms with apple cider vinegar fermented at home. he planted the tomatoes and i swept the floors. <3

this first spring has been so sweet—this has been the year of miracles

it’s been just about a year since i’ve posted here—– the most tremendous and profound shifts have taken place, and i attribute that to magic. there is magic to be found at the center of our hearts— that’s where our dreams lie, that’s where our truth resides— and i’ve been living from my heart, so i’ve been welcomed to my heart’s home.


this time last year i felt the tremors in my life; i knew, intuitively, that everything would be changing. i hope to post more here: country side feelings, true love, motherhood, you know. <3

2 thoughts on “spring of miracles

  1. We are so happy that you are happy! you have every good gift. and every good gift comes from God. He loves His nature loving daughter. And you have found a rare blessing, Chris. He has been so angelic and supportive and caring and giving. He has taken on the nurturing of those two precious pups. We Rejoice in all the beauty you see and appreciate and share. What a glorious world we live in. ” I sing and sing and sing and sing. A song of joy and love. I sing and sing and sing and sing, my thanks to God above.” Love your flowers, trees, garden, lake, mountains, mushrooms and moments of meditation. Sending our love. Mom And Dad

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