a quick “leg” search in my google photos will let one know where my mind is at.

hiking. dancing. yoga. biking. sitting cross legged. gardening.

pointing my toe. plie. gran plie.

downward dog. mmmmmmmm.

i’m imbalanced. my right side, all fire, all muscle…balancing forever on my right leg.

but hot damn i hop around, like a wonky spring. new muscles to make up for the ones atrophying.— i *did* enjoy the rest, like being snowed in. like a jack rabbit pretending for a week to be a steady ox. rubbing my palms together and looking around “now let’s see….” “look how much i can accomplish because life has eliminated the distractions of too many options!!!!” there’s a lot to do when one is required to rest. but cabin fever is real. spring fever is just around the corner and the restfulness  of winter is waning.


mustard blossom mood. the body is a miracle. i think of bones, taking in nutrients as it bonds together, stronger, fusing with the metal that i now welcome as part of my structure.

diana and i grab lunch at our fave vegan joint where i got my first restaurant job. we’re giddy with possibility—farm talk, as usual. cosmic existence.

conversation with the doctor:

me: i’ve been taking a lot of turkey tail and reishi tea and soups, my best friend makes them for me— they help with connectivity and healing and are great for regrowing nerves and broken bones…

DR:   —————–……….

i cried, and cried, though. weeping to see my foot. to remember the trauma, to see it so distorted and pained. seeing a beloved bone, still shattered, two weeks after surgery; pops a bubble.

i think the easy part of recovery is over. now it’s time to retrain my ankle, all of those bones and joints and sliced up nerves, to remember how to be an ankle. a surgeon told me my ankle will never be the same. (it won’t.)

i hope to prove him wrong—-to get back to glorious sameness. for romping. for the rest of my life. i do understand mourning mobility… and the only thing i hope for and focus on is full recovery.

it was a good day and a hard day. uber/lyft: me pulling out empty pockets…

and now teddy builds paper airplanes, makes a flight log, and tests the aerodynamics and is so good.

his photo. 🙂

hope you’re thankful for your health and well-being,

my sweet sister in law gave birth to a beyond beautiful baby boy last night, sending love to her—




hope all is well–




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